Living on the Edge

The essence of riding a motorcycle is to feel closer to our environment and not “caged in”. Life can be very predictable (cookie-cutter: go to school, get a job, buy a home, have a family, retire). It is my way to get away from the hustle and bustle of life. When you ride, your senses are completely awakened. You’re aware of your surroundings from fear, exhilaration, the changing temperatures, the sounds of the engine and wind, to the smells of gasoline, burning tires, moments after a rain, road-kill, cow pastures (not so pleasant), etc…
As you are flying down the straight away like superman, you see the upcoming corner approaching, you quickly begin down-shifting and apply the brakes heavily as you get closer. Your heart is beating faster as the adrenaline rushes through your veins. You shift your weight over to one side of the bike and lean the bike over until you feel the ground rubbing on your knee pad. Your eyes are focused on the corner, but you see the canyon rock wall zooming past.  Your inner mind plays all sorts of scenarios (what-if’s?), but your skill keeps you focused on watching for gravel, aware of the engine RPM’s, position of your body to the force of the tires being exerted against the road. You can’t help remember the weight of your body, along with the weight of the powerful machine between your legs and the centrifugal forces as you carve hard through the turn are all being balanced on the two tiny areas of the tires in contact with the road.  This is what it is like to be “Living on the Edge”. I live my life as an exclamation and not an explanation.  I am alive!

Rider and Motorcycle: Bronze

Base:  Black Granite

Measures: 25″ x 14″ and 11” tall   Weighs: 80 lbs

    (63.5cm x 35.6cm x 27.9cm tall   Weighs: 36.3 kg)

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