Eye on the Prize

This is my dog, my buddy, and companion.  He is no pure breed, but he is pure in his spirit.  He, like me is getting older, but he still loves to go with me on my daily runs.  He is now almost nine years old and can still run 6+ miles.  We go everywhere together (camping, climbing 14ers, dog parks, stores that allow dogs, wherever). He is my pride and joy.

The qualities he possesses are a constant reminder of who I need to be.  He is strong, confident, loving, patient, playful, full of energy, etc…  It amazes me how focused he is with small creatures (rabbits, squirrels, etc…). It is deep seeded in his brain.  Once he sees what he wants, nothing else matters, he doesn’t lose focus and nothing distracts him from what he wants.  In life we seem to lose sight of what it is that we really want and desire. We get tired, lose our focus, get distracted and get off-course.  He is my daily reminder for me to not lose that focus, never tire, never waver, never stop and to keep my “Eye on the Prize”.

Dog: Bronze

Base: Walnut

Measures: 13″ x 9″ and 13” tall   Weighs: 10 lbs

    (33cm x 22cm x 33cm tall   Weighs: 5 kg)

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