Epic Ride

“The Epic Ride” came from a particular ride I vividly remember.  I was following a friend down a really gnarly rock section at a trail in Moab Utah (Porcupine Rim).  We passed many riders as we flew down the trail.  The trail goes on for miles. We got to this section of the trail where there are a lot of really large rocks.  If you pick the right line, you can keep your speed up.  As we went flying over one rock, I was only expecting one three foot drop. Once we were in the air, I saw the second drop immediately after the first one. All I could think of was “Oh God I hope he lands this, or it is going to get really ugly!”.

Measures: 20.5″ x 20.5″ and 21″ tall   Weighs: 13 lbs

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